Witsand Nature Reserve in Northern Cape

Witsand Nature Reserve is a 2 500 hectares of white sand. This beautiful park is home to different birds including the Social Weaver which build big nests that can accommodate up to 500 birds. It has more than 170 different bird species. There are some different animals in the reserve. You can see the gemsbok, springbok, duiker, kudu, steenbok and red hartebeest. 

The nature reserve has dunes which range from twenty to sixty metres high,  are about 9 km long and 4 km wide. Geologist say these dunes cover a great amount of subsurface water and because of the leaching that continuously take place the red iron oxide covering the quartzite grains has been removed by the water. 

The reserve has accommodation, a swimming pool and a picnic area. the nearest town is Postmasburg. The road to Witsand Reserve is gravel and would not recommend low lying cars. Make sure you have enough fuel as there is no fuel station at the reserve. 

There are a lot of activities to do at Witsand Nature Reserve besides seeing the dunes. There is

1.sand surfing and you can hire the dune boards for R200

2. bird watching

3. hiking

4. picnic

5. cycling

6. swimming

7. star gazing