Travel Tips

  1. Do your research about the places which you are planning to visit. Read traveler reviews and find out about crime hotspots and no-go areas.
  2. Do not wear clothing which might draw attention. Do your best to wear clothing which will make you blend in with the locals.
  3. Avoid asking for directions from people in the streets. It is better to find a nearby Police Station, Post office or Petrol/Gas station to ask for directions.
  4. Make copies of important documents (ID, Driver’s license etc.) and save them online. This will help you in case you lose your documents.
  5. Let your close friends and family know where you are going to and inform them about the names of the people which you are traveling with. Also ensure that you keep them informed about your daily plans.
  6. Avoid using public Wi-Fi as most hackers use Wi-Fi to steal valuable information which might result in them getting access to your money.
  7. Make sure you have extra money for it in case of emergency.
  8. If you are travelling as a group do not pay for anyone who hasn’t paid a deposit unless you are ready to cover for them if they withdraw from the trip. Ask for a deposit before you book for the accommodation.
  9. When not sure of the distance you are traveling have enough fuel
  10. Be prepared for emergencies by carrying a blanket, extra food even if where you are booked, they provide food.